Awakening [אפי פז]

21 October 2007

De Mello Resources

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I came across this nice place, Anthony De Mello resources, it is young still, but very promising.
I hope it buolds up and becomes a focal point for De Mello enthusiasts, like us.

Anthony De Mello resources


Are You Sleepwalking? – Text

by Anthony de Mello.

The scriptures are always hinting of that, but you’ll never understand a word of what the scriptures are saying until you wake up.
Sleeping people read the scriptures and crucify the Messiah on the basis of them. You’ve got to wake up to make sense out of the scriptures. When you do wake up, they make sense. So does reality. But you’ll never be able to put it into words. You’d rather do something?
But even there we’ve got to make sure that you’re not swinging into action simply to get rid of your negative feelings. Many people swing into action only to make things worse. They’re not coming from love, they’re coming from negative feelings. They’re coming from guilt, anger, hate;


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