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4 October 2008

The Wondrous Path of Difficulties

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The Wondrous Path of Difficulties


קשה, קשה...י

A conversation with Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield about the everyday difficulties that provoke us, reveal our habitual patterns, and ultimately transform us.

Michael Krasny: We haven’t had an easy time getting this event off the ground. I suppose we could look at all this as a good opportunity to find transformation within.

Pema Chödrön: Yes, I think so. Difficulties are inevitable—and helpful. Once I was teaching a workshop at Omega Institute and everything went wrong. The organizers were tearing their hair out, and, after all was said and done, they couldn’t understand why it turned out to be such a harmonious weekend. Then, one of the main organizers looked at the title of one of my books, When Things Fall Apart, and she realized that the teaching related to our immediate experience. Doesn’t some problem like the one we’ve had tonight happen every day of your life in major and minor ways? Yet, for some reason, we keep thinking something has gone wrong.


A Dark Night Exit Strategy

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A Dark Night Exit Strategy | Numinous Nonsense

A Dark Night Exit Strategy

Wed, Oct 1, 2008

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St. John of the Cross used the term Dark Night to signify a period of spiritual dryness and difficulty, and the dark night is a very real phenomena, experience among spiritual practitioners of every ilk and tradition. When one has built up enough momentum in their spiritual practice (and often times this can even happen outside a spiritual tradition or formal spiritual practice) then it’s common to enter a phase of practice called the Dark Night of the Senses.(1) This is a period of intense purification, of (potential) insight, and a necessary step toward deeper insight in the fundamental nature of things.


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